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Premium Multi Protocol streaming using a single video source

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With bigCDN's advanced multi protocol streaming service you can stream H.264 live or on-demand content to multple devices and smartphones such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Laptop, Desktop and more.

The bigCDN network combines global performance and reliability with the flexibility to stream VOD or live H.264 media to multiple platforms without the need for multiple video stream types or insecure downloads.

Streaming with http for iPhone would normally need to be encoded in a technically complicated way in order to deliver the video in 'chunks'. Our platform does the 'chunking' for you so you can use the same video without further processing. It is only necessary for the video to have been encoded at baseline level 3 or less and have AAC audio.

The same H.264 video will be delivered by RTMP to Flash players, HTTP to the iPhone and iPad using HTML5 , Microsoft Silverlight Smooth Streaming, RTSP/RTP for a Droid and Blackberry, MPEG-TS to IPTV set-top boxes and Flash streaming to game consoles such as the Wii and PS3.

This enables you to maintain the value of your broadcast infrastructure and media library whilst streaming it to multiple players and devices. You are able to effectively extend your Internet audience and reach without additional time for extra encoding, investment for extra storage requirements or ongoing administration costs.

Our advanced multi-protocol streaming service offers you a broad and powerful solution from a single media source and is an affordable way of maximizing your investment in digital content for today's devices.

Supported Devices

Mobile Streaming, Troubleshooting

For Live Streaming see WEB TV

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