CDN Prices – Hosting Services

CDN Prices for Hosting Services

bigCDN buys bandwidth and storage in bulk for all its customers at once. We get the best wholesale rates available and pass these cdn prices savings on to our customers directly.

We won’t be beaten on price and so we know we can offer you a better deal than you are paying now without compromising on quality. Monthly rolling contract.
Other CDNs charge extra for setup, management or advanced reporting – we include all of this for free.

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Have a 24/7 Live Web TV channel?
We can provide fixed cost rates which work out cheaper than per GB pricing, stream video to mobile devices as well as the web

Have specific requirements for premium delivery to Asia?
Expect to be charged a lot more for that with other providers, our pricing is the best around.
Have a large storage, archive or backup requirement?
We charge a fraction of the cost of other providers for high quality distributed network attached storage (NAS).

Have a complex requirement?
Our tech team and developers have the experience to tailor a solution specifically to your needs e.g customer flash players, video advertising and server side playlists.

Need to broadcast from a Network Camera or Hardware encoder?
Don’t spend a lot of time and money experimenting with various solutions. We have a selection of recommended devices which we have used before and can advise on the best configuration.

For special reseller and wholesale hosting pricing email We also offer Charity and Educational discounts.

Multi Protocol Streaming Delivery

Supported Video Streaming Devices

Mobile Video Streaming Troubleshooting

Live Streaming WEB TV

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