How to Improve your website – Add video

Customers demand high quality and speed from the websites they visit and often compare one website to another. They want information within a few clicks of their mouse.

Using big CDN for your object delivery and hosting will increase the speed of image and web object downloads on your site even for those with slow connections. We also have a 100% SLA guaranteeing your uptime. Maximising the speed of your website will improve user experience and increase sales. There are also a number of ways you can improve your website with streaming video.

Why not add a web presenter to your home page?

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Put your message to customers on your website in an interactive video player. Why have a static image of your product when a video is more direct and immersive. A real person can offer a friendly welcome to your visitors and is proven to extend the time a visitor will stay on the page. Your sales are boosted with clear explanations of your products and our professional presenters will guide customers to buy either through your ecommerce shop or directly over the phone.

Online web presenter videos are gaining in popularity and are giving companies a competitive edge over their rivals. With integrated audio, web presenters bring your website to life. They can be used to showcase products, offer demonstrations or just be played  as a welcome greeting to your visitors.

By adding that human touch, you can retain some of the traffic that bounces straight off your homepage. It has been proven that adding a web presenter increases your website’s stickiness. Web presenters are an excellent way to improve customer service. People don’t like to trawl through endless text pages trying to understand what you have to offer.

Many leading companies find it more effective to offer a video FAQ for the top questions they get – this reduces support load and associated costs, making our Web Presenter product pay for itself. Short sales videos are another way to improve your website. People often leave online transactions half way through, so by integrating videos explaining what they should do next, leads to higher sales and customer retention rates.

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