Statistics Reporting Portal

Unlike other providers bigCDN includes Advanced Statistics Reporting for free, Multiple CDNs & Formats all in one place.

We’ve always flexible to our customer’s requirements and can pull any type of logs from other places like your website.

big CDN Portal Statistics Reporting

So you want to know how successful your content is with your users?

The usual measurement methods just aren’t good enough. The bigCDN reporting portal uses statistical data not available with standard web stats e.g. Find out who had watched what from where and for how long. Our portal can give you all this in the detail you need.

  • Visitor figures by month, week, day and hour

  • How much bandwidth your content consumed

  • The relative popularity of each title

  • The geographic location of your users

Our reverse IP address look up actually converts IP numbers to meaningful domain names letting you know what ISP your viewers are using. When you have all this information, you can exploit the full potential of your Online Media. Example uses:

  • Provide superior user experience through optimized playlists

  • Enable highly efficient Content Management and Advertising strategies

  • Plan a successful Viral Marketing campaign

To find out more and to request an example Stats Portal login, please contact us.

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