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Streaming media, compared to progressive download delivery, allows for Live as well as Video On Demand viewing.

streaming Media

Streaming provides a high quality user experience with quick playback and rapid seek to any point. It can protect and monetise your content and significantly reduce your bandwidth costs.

As a publisher or content owner your content can be available on mobile devices and smart phones and in amazing quality.

Our Mobile CDN platform is specially designed for delivery to iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, most common 3GP phones and tablet PCs.

With big CDN you can stream your content Live or On Demand to all popular devices including PCs, MACs, Internet enabled TVs and Set Top Boxes. We now support delivery to Xbox and Playstation gaming consoles as well.

An ever growing number of homes and mobile devices with broadband Internet connections has caused the dramatic increase in the demand for streaming of High Definition (HD) video over the Internet. bigCDN is the best choice to enable you to meet viewer demand from anywhere in the world using a combination of delivery platforms.

We guarantee to deliver exceptional user experiences by ensuring the viewer gets their stream from their nearest server. We are constantly reviewing and optimising our delivery systems to ensure this.

Glossary of Technical Terms

Multi Protocol Streaming Delivery

Supported Devices

Mobile Video Streaming Troubleshooting

Live Streaming WEB TV

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