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What our streaming media hosting customers say

A selection of testimonials about our streaming media services from some of our customers:

streaming media testimonialsWe’re going with bigCDN – you guys had the best performance out of all the services that we tried.

BigCDN actually had the most impressive performance out of all the providers we tested. BigCDN was literally the only provider we tried that delivered a consistent stream with no stuttering or skipping, completely smooth all the way through. Very impressive.

Again thank you so much — I’ve contacted probably 25 different live streaming video companies and you guys have by far had the best support and pricing.

J. Rylan
Santa Monica

streaming media testimonialsThat’s brilliant, many thanks for your help today, it is greatly appreciated!


bigCDN went out of their way to assist in solving this issue last night, including joining a conference call we had setup with Logica and BT

Logica streaming media service

Many thanks for the super fast turnaround.

Iceland Foods


Thanks, you guys are superstars!

Adeel ,

streaming mediaThank you very much for your help. It’s working perfectly now.


media testimonialsOkay, makes sense. I’ll try that. Thanks for your promptness, makes me happy.


streaming testimonialsEventually I got an account .. so as not to waste any more time – joy to the world!

Alan Costello

streaming mediaGoing extremely well thanks for your efforts.


streaming media serviceThanks for your continuing excellent service.



streaming testimonialsIt is a pleasure to work with such positive and partners and we would like to use the opportunity to thank you all!

Have a great weekend and looking forward to start to see some of the results of yesterday’s catch!

Best regards to the others as well!


testimonialsMany thanks for all your wonderful help

& Meher Baba Film International

streaming media servicesPlease express my most sincere thanks to all of your team for a superb contribution. I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that we’ll use you again….

BAFTA Conferences

streaming video serviceThanks again for the final edits – excellent, thank you!

Many thanks as always, excellent service!

Moonlighting Ltd

I have shown the client and hope to get some feedback very soon. Thanks for your help earlier – much appreciated

Anglophone Media

streaming video thanksis wooorrrkkkinnnggg, a big hug, thanks all for that professional support, that are just the little things moving our world

thanks again,
will remember you,

kind regards,


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