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As the Internet matures, content and technology providers are finding ways to make online advertisements more effective – which, in turn, brings in more revenue from advertisers moving outside the bounds of traditional media. The result is that online video advertising is generating large revenues and continued healthy growth rates.

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Over the past few years, ad-supported streaming video has emerged as one of the big winners. Along with subscription based video services, ad supported streams have proven an acceptable way to monetise content with consumers.

big CDN supports preroll and postroll Video Advertising and even interactive video

Online ads pay for themselves with a much higher ROI than old media (tv, print, press, radio). More money is now spent by advertisers online than with any other media. The tipping point has been reached. This is due to much higher returns and detailed tracking that only exists as estimates in conventional media.

Web broadcasting is an optimal way to move advertising content between TV, mobile phones, IPTV and the web. It is an excellent way to pool your resources and spread the cost of filming a commercial amongst other mediums. Quite often footage that would usually hit the cutting room floor for a TV advert can be repurposed effectively online. Most advertisers also shoot web only content at the same time to be broadcast exclusively via the web. There are plenty of places to include online ads, preroll and postroll are the most common.

■ Pre-roll ads play before the video content and last from between five to thirty seconds. The ads are generally related to the video clip being watched. Short and snappy is the most efficient approach to this kind of advertising as it is important to maintain the stickiness of the viewer and keep them on your website.Case study

■ Post-roll adverts are played at the end of a video as a reminder or follow up to the initial advert
e.g “if you liked that you can see more here” or “enter our competition to win.”

There are now three other formats available to you as well:

■ Overlay ads run over the top of the video content while it’s playing. The viewer can click on the ad, expand it or go directly to the advertisers’ website.

■ In stream ads allow the viewer to watch the ad within the player window itself. They can pause, fast forward, rewind and adjust the volume level of the advert.

■ Video Banner ads can play as Video On Demand in the banner or expand to a large video window when the viewer rolls over the banner. We also support Live Webcasts and Live Webcam streams in video banner adverts.

Effectiveness can be judged using big CDN’s extensive advanced reporting system which tells you who has watched what, from where and even for how long. Look at the statistics carefully when evaluating your campaign, content that is effective can be invested in further and the other content can be dropped.

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V Festival live Webcast Case Study

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